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     The simple sight of a longhorn conjures up a time long gone when these durable creatures were driven hundreds of miles by cowboys that were even more durable. A time when the best fence was a sixgun, and the "brushpoppers" that chased wild runaways through brush and bramble were given a place of honor at the campfire. An era when stories that seem like tall tales to us today were more fact than fiction, when the land was as wild and free as the men and cattle that lived here, and when the herds were as big as the eye could see. Now nurtured by only a handful of breeders, the Texas Longhorn is one of the few things that remain unchanged from that bygone era.

      The longhorns we breed today are the product of centuries of selective breeding by survival of the fittest wild Mexican and Spanish blood. These impressive creatures will prosper on grass that other cattle could not survive, go without water for days on end, protect each other from harm, attend to a member of their herd that is sick or wounded, calve effortlessly and amaze you with their intelligence. But these are not the real reasons we are so fascinated with them.

      The glint of sunlight off a crown of burnished horn, the profusion of bright earthy colors of a herd moving, the sights and sounds of the herd as it grazes, the fact they are just plain easy on the eyes, or the certain knowledge that you are in contact with a piece of Texas history, and any of these or all of these are why we are drawn to these gentle giants. I know of no other breed that captures the imagination quite like longhorns do!


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